New inserts for plastic materials catalogue

Since 1984 FIXI has been offering a complete range of industrial fastening systems to meet the specific needs of customers in the field of sheet metal processing, solid bodies, plastics and many other applications.

The new catalogue, dedicated to fastening systems for plastics, is finally available. Fixi inserts for plastics can be inserted by heat, ultrasonic, pressing and also by screwing.

The strength of these fasteners is their external geometry which, thanks to teeth, knurls and grooves, allows a high resistance fixing.

The FXF309 series joins the wide range of fasteners for plastics. It is a self-tapping insert made of brass, specific for plastic materials, wood and similars.

For each product you will find an updated data sheet with technical drawing and image that provides all the most important specifications of the inserts.


The catalogue introduces the Fixi Quality LAB, the internal laboratory that guarantees the conformity of the products of the whole range, thanks to accurate tests carried out on latest generation measuring tools.

As a further novelty you will find the packaging machine that allows customers to obtain customized packaging, with personalized or neutral labels.

For further information, on Fixi website, it is possible to download full catalogues of the entire range, tools manuals and view demonstration videos.

You can send your inquiries via the information request form or by contacting us by email at


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