Blind and speed rivets

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Blind rivets

The use of blind rivets is now common in all industries to quickly join two or more artifacts. Rivets can also be chosen for applications where you work blindly, when pieces of access are only from one side. Cheapness depends on the quality of the rivet and on the efficiency of riveting machines that perform the installation.

Quality and careful selection of raw materials

The high quality of our rivets derives from a careful selection of raw materials and from specific manufacturing processes that constantly monitor the uniformity of the point of tearing, the regularity of the tightening and the perfect seal. It is recommended to always drill 0.10 mm more than the outer diameter of the rivet. If the hole on the sheet metal or on plastic is wider than 0.1mm compared to the diameter of the boby, it means that the rivet could work badly.

Rivets in cartridge

The rivets in cartridge are a fast fixing system, allowing a considerable saving in installation time. Unlike the traditional blind rivets, the rivets in cartridge rivets, or speed rivets, are loaded in groups into the riveter and then used repeatedly. Available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel and brass (in diameter from 2.4mm to 6.0mm), the rivets in cartridge are suitable for applications in every sector, without any preclusions. The quantity of pieces loaded on the riveter depends on the length of the rivets, varying between 22 pieces for a big length and 65 pieces for a small length.

FIXI recommends the use of rivets in cartridge when there is a high daily use: in addition to saving on installation time, the issue of disposing of the big quantity of nails to be thrown away with the use of the standard blind rivet is solved (a mandrel for the rivets in cartridge technology can be used installing up to 5,000 rivets, while with the standard technology 5,000 nails must be thrown away).

New Range of Blind Rivet Tools

The extensive FIXI catalog is completed with the offer of professional tools designed to speed up the installation of fastening systems.
Discover the selection of manual, hydropneumatic and battery-powered riveters for blind rivets.
For the installation of fast rivets, hydropneumatic riveters with or without multiplier are available: fast, single-action trigger, lightweight equipment, also ideal for areas with limited access

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